The Ebb and Flow of the stock market effects every aspect of our lives, yet too many of us do not understand how the stock market really works. Now there is the Wall Street Whiz, an innovative stock market simulation of the 1929 Stock Market Crash that is easy enough for children to grasp and interesting enough for adults of all ages. Wall Street Whiz recaptures the Market Crash from April 1929 to March 1930.

It is the only exercise of its kind that allows players to apply their Wits in the High Stakes world of stock market investing. Starting with $100,000, you determine what stock you want to buy or sell, analyze actual market information, make realistic investment decisions and see who's in the money and who is not, as this real life drama unfolds.

Registering as a Group Leader, you can include your friends in a head-to-head investment competition of the Crash of 1929.  Features of the simulation allow you to view the progress of Group members throughout the competition. You will feel the surges and ebbs of the market as you analyze market indicators and make actual investment decisions as traders did during this period. You will feel a part of history as you experience the worst economic collapse ever on Wall Street.  You will also experience the amazing recover of the market in the initial months following the Crash as you possibly double to triple your initial $100,000 portfolio.

Wall Street Whiz provides a format for participants to not only develop and enhance technical proficiency, but also to recognize intangible factors, analyze pertinent information and identify growth potential and its relationship to economic indicators. The Market is believed to possess characteristics that can be learned and interpreted by any investor just as effectively as investment professionals. Leaning to read market signals is an interesting and rewarding challenge and can be demonstrated at the most elementary level.

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