Whether your students are aware of its influence or not, the stock market affects every aspect of our lives. It is a mirror of our nation's economy and a barometer of the "Quality of Life" we can expect. The Wall Street Whiz stock market simulation is an economics education program that recaptures the "Stock Market Crash of 1929" from April 1, 1929 to March 31, 1930. Starting with $100,000, students become actual weekly investors of the period with surprising results.

Analyzing actual 1929 news events, students can buy and sell stocks of the period. Contrary to popular belief, many investors made a lot of money during the Crash using sound investment principles. The program will dispel the belief of certain economic ruin as students can possibly double or triple their simulated $100,000 portfolio. Wall Street Whiz is a fun and realistic exercise that possesses all of the exciting characteristics of stock market investing presented in an easy to understand tutorial format. Wall Street Whiz is very flexible, whether used to compliment existing economics curriculum or as a sole exercise, the program can be tailored to any class environment.

With the use of the Teacher's Guide, the program allows any teacher, regardless of their economics background, to effectively teach the program. The simulation is extremely realistic, providing accurate decision points and reactive stock price movements. Targeting 8th through 12th grade (and beyond), Wall Street Whiz is an exercise in analytical reading, reasoning, critical thinking and problem solving. Educators have found the value of Wall Street Whiz to exceed simply economics and stock market investing. It has also been recognized for its historical significance and has been used as an introduction to the Depression of the 1930's. Economics is a Social Science and should be studied as a behavioral analysis. With the Wall Street Whiz stock market simulation, students are not only made to understand factors of the market and their cause and effect relationships. They become a part of the period as they begin to understand personalities and the behind the scenes events that influence the market. Students will begin to understand the pulse of the market and the climate within which all business operates. The most significant aspect of Wall Street Whiz is that it does not require a structured educational foundation or prior knowledge of any aspect of stock market investing. It will allow a novice of stock market investing to compete with an investment professional with little advantage to experience. This fundamental aspect of Wall Street Whiz is its most significant attribute, allowing anyone to participate, armed with reasoning and the talent of analytical thinking. Its elementary format and detailed application will excite and enhance development in this intriguing field of study. Your students will be drawn to Wall Street Whiz due to its in-depth level of participation and competitive environment, free from the fear of failure.

Competencies to be developed :
-- Understand micro/macro-economic concepts and factors that influence stock price movement.
-- Comprehend and interpret key investment terms and the language used on Wall Street.
-- Analyze facts and data, summarize information and draw inferences to market movement.
-- Apply investment principles and concepts through a structured reasoning and analysis process.
-- Demonstrate the ability to interpret varying degrees of influence of actual market information.
-- Recognize historical or present day economic trends and indicators and hypothesize about future events.
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